It’s Hard to Say Goodbye My Love!!! :'( …but the pizza kind of helps!

So the title of this might me a tad bit dramatic, but the song from the end of Dream Girls wouldn’t stop playing over and over in my mind as my roommate and “Health-crazed partner in Crime” was getting ready to move out of our apartment. Leaving the college life and riding off into the polluted sunsets of NYC -_-  Lol not hating on NY at all…that’s where I’m from, but I get a little resentful when the city starts drawing away people I love.  Anyway…all this to lead up to the awesome Cauliflower Crust Pizza we made for our final roommate date. Yep…Cauliflower for those who have yet to be exposed to this awesome creation! I got this recipe on Pinterest at this great website

My very first Cauliflower Pizza and I think it came out kinda pretty!

My very first Cauliflower Pizza and I think it came out  kinda pretty!

Yeah…this picture is making me want to run to Trader Joes and get some Cauliflower and that Lite Shredded Mozzerella Cheese like now. From my last experience, I had found that the less perfectly formed my pizza was, the BETTER it tasted.  So with that knowledge I put aside all shallowness that might lead me to forsake taste (the superior incentive) for appearance and I spread the pizza out a bit more for a thinner crust; I prefer doing the Cauliflower Pizza with a thinner crust. It has an Artisan-esque thing going on.

027 Here it is. YUMMERSS!! And my  health food doubting roommate’s reaction was wonderful! “This is actually good.” Her face covered in disbelief. O, ye of little faith!

So… we ate, we drank, we made our ancestors proud!…Maybe one too many movie references in this post 

Any way…she left. Bitter sweet…But I know she’s moving on to awesome things. I despise change sometimes, but it usually turns out well. And we will reunite in the city shortly!!

With Highschool, College, Moving between states etc…we change a lot.

Please feel free to share some encouraging stories about big or small changes that you may not have welcomed, but turned out for the best. I could definitely use them! (also opinions on this Pizza!!!!)