me.So, I’ve had a dessert fetish since birth! Any member of my family would be more than willing to attest to the fact that since I was like 5 the first thing I did when I went to a restaurant was pick out what I was getting for dessert! And the rest of my meal was based around that. I love dessert. But as I got older I developed another love…DANCE…which led to a fondness for health and fitness, which was awesome, but I must admit that there were some sad consequences; not to embracing health and fitness, but to lacking the knowledge of how to REALLY fuel my body with what I was eating.

Soon food became all about CAN’Ts, and restrictions and guilt. And in my ignorance and paranoia, my sweet tooth would scarcely peer beyond the horizons of Honey Nut Cheerios (not much of an improvement) to satiate its desire for sugar. I read labels and ran from fats like mad! I can remember ALL of things that I made a point NOT to eat; chocolate chip cookies, pizza, burgers, milkshakes, white bread…and rightfully so. But truthfully I can’t remember what I actually DID make a point to eat. I tried to cut out these sugary, refined and nutritionally void foods but it was even harder because they were scarcely replaced with the foods that my body actually needed! So I’d constantly have cravings.

A lot of it was because my heart behind it all wasn’t good. I wanted an appearance. Not an actuality: The appearance of health, not actual health. It’s been a redirection of paths and gradual and ongoing maturation over the years that has allowed me to develop a healthy relationship with my body and with food and to embark on the multifaceted path of healing. And I’ve learned that HEALTH begins with the HEART.

this doesn't really have to do with anything lol i just think it's pretty:)

This doesn’t really have to do with anything lol i just think it’s pretty:)

So eating the right foods has really become such a joy in all areas; killing the misconceptions that it tastes like cardboard being forced down your throat. Food is NOT the bad guy! We just need to stop running towards MAN-ufactured foods (you see what I did there) and align ourselves with the order of things that has been set in place for millions of years! Our bodies, and believe it or not, our taste buds are crying out for Health and Wholeness; and they’re capable of it with the right foods.

So can you enjoy a warm, moist slice of cake (yes CAKE) without  having just voluntarily poisoned yourself? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

Just Kidding 😉

Let’s not buy into the idea that EVERYTHING that incites a positive feeling has adverse affects because it totally doesn’t have to.

My grandma and neighbors just showed us that these are edible!

My grandma and neighbors just showed us that these are edible!

Experimenting with natural, organic, God-given foods to create awesome desserts… and more. So this blog is a start to the wonderful health-food creating journey that I hope to embark on. My hope is to find ways to use these ingredients to make desserts that are just as delicious as the ones that taste great but aren’t too great for us. Even more delicious since the benefits don’t cease at the esophagus!

Taste and see!

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